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Difference Between the Electrostatic Generator and Electrostatic Discharge Generator

ESD simulator is mainly to produce the static. The output is usually the single polarity such as positive or negative polarity, the output voltage is adjustable, and it is usually applied in the scientific research, electrostatic application such as electrostatic precipitation, electrostatic spraying, biological effects study and other electrostatic fields.

Electrostatic generator has lower voltage (0-8kV)(0-20kv), medium voltage(0-80kv) and high voltage(0-1000kV), the output has more than 1% high-precision digital instructions and about 10% pointer type. Various kinds of electrostatic generator of different voltage and current can be made according to the user’s requirement.

When choosing the electrostatic generator, we should consider the output voltage, polarity, output current and the accuracy. For the common electrostatic precipitation, electrostatic spraying, we can choose the general accuracy (10%). The current needed by the electrostatic generator used for the electrostatic precipitation is different from several mA to hundred mA. Electrostatic generator is used without the maintenance after several years working in the environment of much dust, high humidity. It is mainly used in the factory.

Electrostatic spraying, electrostatic field application can choose the electrostatic generator with the current of hundreds of micro amps.

If it is used in the proofreading electrostatic voltmeter or scientific research, the electrostatic generator must have high accuracy (better than 1%) and positive and negative polarity, dual polarity high precision output is continuously adjustable.

The laboratory can use the electrostatic generator with dual polarity high precision output is continuously adjustable.
Electrostatic generator includes the static generator of positive and negative output(usually 20KV、30KV)and electrostatic discharge gun. The discharge network is designed according to IEC 61000-4-2、(GB17626.2)standard, which can produce the standard discharge current waveform, the discharge rate is adjustable, mainly applied in the electronic equipment system such as cell phone, computer model of human body metal electrostatic discharge test, including the electrostatic generator and the electrostatic discharge gun. The electrostatic generator output in the electrostatic generator is positive or negative, some polarity can be transferable, and their voltage dual polarity high precision output is continuously adjustable.

Some electron components such as diode and IC are the special electrostatic discharge simulator for the electrostatic discharge sensitivity test; it is designed according to the U.S. army standard MIL-STD-883 F and ESD association standards, mainly used in testing the human body resistance of electrostatic discharge ability of the components, namely the electrostatic discharge sensitivity test.

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