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India – Installation and training for LPCE-3 CCD Spectroradiometer Integrating Sphere Compact System

India-Installation and training for LSG-1700B Rotation Luminaire Goniophotometer (Big Size)

LISUN engineer visit Colombia to do installation and training for customer

Germany – Installation and training for SC-015 Dustproof Testing Machine and JL-34 & JL-56 Waterproof Test Equipment

Qatar – LISUN engineer provide installation and training services for LSG-1700B Goniophotometer, YWX/Q-750 Salt Spray Chamber, JL-56 Waterproof Jet Test Device

Darkroom Design for a Goniophotometer

Comparative Evaluation between ANSI / IES Standards LM-79-19 and LM-79-08

What is color difference SDCM and how to do the measurement?

Characteristics of LISUN GDJS series High and Low Temperature Humidity Chamber

Brief introduction of CE certificates

IEC 60529(GB4208-2008)IP Protection Grade Waterproof and Dustproof test

Analysis on the Status of Certified LED Bulb in USA Energy Star

LISUN 3M Integrating Sphere Test Results Comparison

LISUN Design 3m Electric Integrating Sphere

India-LISUN engineer visit India to do installation and training for LPCE-2 High Precision Spectroradiometer Integrating Sphere System

LISUN Design 3m Electric Integrating Sphere

LISUN Will Attend 2019 LED Expo New Delhi 14th to 16th November

LISUN Will Attend 2019 HKTDC Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition) 27th to 30th October

High/Low Temperature & Humidity Test Chamber Analysis in China Market

Application for IEC 60529(GB4208-1993)IP Protection Grade

Glow wire test

The Status of Integrating Sphere in China Market

How to choose the right goniophotometer according to the standard LM-79 and EN13032-1?

Lumen test difference between integrating sphere and goniophotometer

Improve the accuracy of the LED flux testing in the Sphere

Types & Test Methods of Luminaires Goniophotometer

EMI Measurement Application and Relative Test Standards

The Lighting Product EMC Problem and Testing Technology

What are EMC tests?

The classification of EMC

Poland-Installation and training for Integrating Sphere Test System