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Light Biological Safety of the LED Products

With the wide application of LED products, how to guarantee the light biological safety of the LED products that have gone into the market has been the problem concerned by international industry currently. The international electro technical commission product compliance testing and certification organizations IECEE are establishing the corresponding products authentication standard. How to do the light biological radiation safety test on LED products has become the focus problem concerned by the international countries currently. At the 74th IEC international standardization congress held on October, 2010, Seattle, the optical testing experts of Zhejiang University, Mou Tongsheng on behalf of the China national committee put forward “lights and lamp light biological radiation safety system-measuring method” international standard proposal, and got the support of the experts present in the meeting. The meeting confirmed the new international standards drat will be put forward byChina.

This march, the IEC international standards draft is drawn up by the Sensing Instrument Co., LTD. According to IEC international standards for examination and approval procedures, theChinanational standardization management committee submitted the draft to the IEC central office, and voted by each country for three months till the end of July. The bill has got the vote support of 100% countries and got confirmed. Professor Mou Tongsheng, the present of Sensing Instrument Co., LTD, hold the post of the team leader to formulate the draft together with the other experts sent by other six countries.

Internationally,Chinais a large manufacturing country for lighting products, has been a weak position in formulating the international standard, and has never taken the lead in making an international standard. In recent years,China’s semiconductor lighting industry has developed rapidly, and will become an important global manufacturing base. Therefore,Chinahas played a leadership role in the new areas of light biological radiation safety, especially in the formulation of the mandatory international standard, which will have an important effect forChina’s semiconductor lighting industry to become a manufacturing power from a large manufacturing country.

Note 1: The light biological radiation security divides into four levels: “Exempt level” (RG0 no danger), “Level1”(RG1 low danger), “Level 2” (RG2 medium danger) and “Level 3” (RG3 high danger)

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