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What are EMC tests?

With the widespread use of electrical and electronic equipment, the problem of electromagnetic disturbance has also brought electromagnetic pollution.

EMC(Electro Magnetic Compatibility) refers to the ability of a device or system to operate within its electromagnetic environment without incurring unacceptable electromagnetic interference to any device in its environment.

EMC testing, one the one hand refers to the electromagnetic interference from the devices during normal operation in its environment cannot exceed a certain limit, on the other hand refers to the appliance has a degree of immunity to electromagnetic interference present in the environment. It divides broadly into emissions testing and susceptibility testing.

Electromagnetic Interference (EMI):

  1. RE (Radiated Emission): Test unintentional release of electromagnetic energy from an electronic device or apparatus.
  2. CE( Conducted Emission): Test the electromagnetic energy travelling along the power line, control line or signals lines.

EMC tests mainly contains as following:

  1. Electrostatic discharge immunity test IEC61000-4-2
  2. Radiated, radio-frequency, electromagnetic field immunity test IEC61000-4-3
  3. Electrical fast transient/burst immunity IEC61000-4-4
  4. Surge Immunity test IEC61000-4-5
  5. Immunity to conducted disturbances, induced by radio-frequency fields IEC61000-4-6
  6. Power frequency magnetic field immunity test IEC61000-4-8
  7. Voltage dips, short interruptions and voltage variations immunity IEC61000-4-11
  8. Ring Wave immunity IEC61000-4-12
  9. Damped oscillatory wave immunity test IEC61000-4-18
  10. Electro Magnetic Interference test system CRSPR11~12、CRSPR14~16、CRSPR20~22

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