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Three Loop Antennas

During electromagnetic radiation test, three loop antennas are often used. Lisun three loop antenna VVLA-30M is a standard measurement antenna according to CISPR15-2005. It can coordinate Lisun EMI-9KB or EMI-9KA EMI Receiver System for EUT magnetic field radiation test measurement between X, Y and Z planes.

VVLS-30M is a big antenna with 2m diameter, which is used for testing frequency below 30MHZ radiation electromagnetic field, frequency range is 9 KHz~30MHz. The limits for the 2m loop diameter apply to equipment not exceeding a length of 1.6m. Three loop antenna fully meets the requirements of standard CISPR-2005 and GB17743, which is suitable for measuring work frequency over 100HZ luminaries radiated magnetic field disturbance.

The bottom above ground distance is 0.5m, special design current converter with shielding. VVLA-30M is an antenna with three axes, which can switch between X, Y and Z. The sensor coefficient of current probe is 0dB. Impedance is 50Ω/BNC. The volume of antenna is 2.4*2.4*2.5m. VVLA-30M can provide non metal base with various heights, capacity is 6kg. No need to move EUT or loop during measurement process. The shielded room influence on the test result is greatly reduced. Interference in open area test environment is greatly reduced.

Three Loop Antennas

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