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There are some challenges in LED industry in China

Whether Semi-conductor lighting technology can bring a new lighting revolution, it absolutely depends on the performance, cost and application prospect of LED. In recent years, large power LED luminous efficiency develops and cost decreases at an amazing speed, the application prospect of show, lighting and special region is broad. But LED meets the traditional technology challenge, and to a wide range to replace traditional light source is not optimistic that people expected. Especially in common lighting area, there are many technical difficulties to overcome.

The problems of  Luminous efficiency, heat dissipation, life time, reliability and light health need to be resolved, the cost performance also needs to be increased substantially. Therefore, LED industry in China meets great opportunities and challenges at present.

United States Department of Energy puts forward a LED development plan to 2012 for 5 years, which is worth learning and thinking. At present we emphasize more to replace the traditional lighting products using LED, and using the traditional lighting standard to measure LED performance products, and in fact it is not likely to give full play to the characteristics of LED in the present condition. LED is a kind of small power, sub-illuminant type solid-state lighting device, which has good directional light characteristics, and is easily controlled by digital integration. Therefore, how to break through the existing lighting standards development LED products based on traditional light source is the immediate issue. That is how we achieve “Humanist”, which is based on people’s vision, health, environmental protection requirements to play the characteristics of LED, is a major problem of semiconductor lighting industry development in “next generation”.


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