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The differences of the test result between LISUN WT2080 LED Power Driver Tester and multimeter test LED power driver

Some customers suspect the accuracy of the WT2080 because there is some differences of the test result between LISUN WT2080 LED Power Driver Tester and multimeter when testing LED power driver. In fact, the test results are different because the test principle is different: the WT2080 test result is the real effective value (RMS), the multimeter test result is the average value.

LISUN WT2080 is according to GB/T 24825-2009 and IEC 62384:2006. It can measure the following parameters: Input Characteristics Test (AC/DC), Output Characteristics Test (AC/DC), Start Characteristics Test (DC) and Hormanic Test. It is specified in the standard that the test result should be RMS.

The results of the general multimeter test are average values, so the test results are naturally different because of the different standards. WT2080 can print data and communicate with PC, displaying all the dates and curves in PC. There is also the average value in the test report, but on the display screen is RMS. For more details about the WT2080 LED Power Driver Tester, please refer to: https://www.lisungroup.com/product-id-326.html

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