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Testing Rules for Lighting Products Part3: Life Test and Aging Test

E: Life Test.

The main test equipment: the power supply, the constant temperature chamber, thermometer, pressure regulator, the voltmeter

Number of tests: the 10.

1.The main test projects: the working life under high temperature and high pressure

Test method 1: connect the lamps and lanterns to 250 V, open the power supply of the constant temperature chamber, set the temperature in 70 +5 ℃, rise the temperature to 70 and open the power of the lamps and lanterns, let it work normally, write down the work time, lamps and lanterns should be able to work for 168 hours.

2.The main test project: normal work life

Test method 1: the lamps and lanterns is connected to the rated voltage 220 V, let them work normally, write down the starting time, when each lamps and lanterns is damaged, write down the ending time, when all the lamps and lanterns are damaged, work out the average working hours of the lamps and lanterns, which is the life of the product.

Test method 2: according to the actual lighting products, take the method of accelerated aging test (such as high temperature, high pressure and frequent switches etc), make out the special ageing equipment according to the actual situation.

F: Aging Test.

Before going into production, new product must go through a small and medium group of trial production respectively. Through these tests, to find out the design problems such as raw materials and process problems. Here are the detailed test methods.

The main test equipments: aging sets, voltage regulator, the voltmeter.

The main test projects: raw materials of the batch production.

Number of tests: 500 for small group of trial production, 2000 for medium group of trial production.

Test methods: First turn on the voltage moves to 250 V, turn off the power supply, put the products on the aging set, switch the changer for three times, each time interval should be more than 8 seconds, then cut off the electricity, raise the voltage to 170 V, through the electricity observation, finally raise the voltage to 250 V, after 2- hours aging, switch the changer for 3 times, each interval time is 8 seconds, the aging test ends. In the above test process, products with the discovery of the problems are not qualified and need maintenance.

The disconnect dimming lamps and lanterns should also be respectively adjusted to 20% brightness and 50% brightness, repeat the test according to E: life test 1

The unlimited lamps and lanterns should be adjusted to the highest temperature working state,  repeat the test according to E: life test 1.

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