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Terms of UI2010 Measurement Solution

UI2010: Digital Power Meter (Harmonic Analyzer Model)

  • True RMS voltage (Urms):Root mean square of the voltage
  • True RMS current (Irms):Root mean square of the current
  • Active power(P):Electrical actual consumption of the active power
  • Power factor(PF):PF=COSΦ The ratio of the active power and the apparent power. Only when the voltage and the current are all ideal sine wave, PF = COS Φ
  • Frequency(Freq):The number of repetitions per unit times.
  • Harmonic wave: Any periodic wave can be considered as the superposition of pure sine wave from the same series, but different cycles and different amplitude. The decomposed frequency of a sine wave is an integral multiple of the frequency of the periodic wave, the sine wave is called the harmonic or harmonic component of a periodic wave. When one of the frequencies of a sine wave is several times of the frequency of the periodic wave, the sine wave is called the cycle of several-time harmonic wave of the periodic wave.
  • Frequency Spectrogram: a periodic wave is resolved into a series of pure sine waves (namely every harmonic component). The sequence composed of the harmonic component is called the spectrum of the periodic wave. Generally, the frequency denotes the abscissa, the amplitude denotes y-coordinate, spectrum lines were used to show the figure of sub-harmonic content within the coordinate; we call it a frequency spectrogram.
  • Total Harmonic Distortion(THD)
  • Phase Difference(PHASE):The phase difference between the voltage and the current
  • Lamp Voltage(Ul):The voltage between the two ends of LED.LED
  • Lamp Current(Il):The current flowing through LED.

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