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Technology advanced for LMS-8000 CCD Spectroradiometer

The most of the LED manufactory ordered LPCE-2 LED test system with two integrating spheres, the small one to test LEDs & LED module, the big one to test LED tube, LED bulb and other LED luminaries. Due to the frequent optical fiber and detector changing between the two integrating spheres, it will short the life of them. In the other side, it request to re-calibrate after every changing testing.

To solve this problem, Lisun Group engineering dept advanced the design of LMS-8000 in hardware and software. The new version of CCD Spectrometer (LMS-8000S) has two ports for detectors which can connect with two integrating spheres:


The new version software can be select the right size of integrating sphere to test in big one for LED lamp or small one for One LED as bellowing:


From 2012.1.1, Lisun Group can accept this new version of LMS-8000S. For the old version of LMS-8000, if the previous customers want to updates, please contact with your sales for more detail information.

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