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Basic Theories About Goniophotometer Part3: Spatial Luminance Distribution and Spatial Spectral Distribution

Spatial Luminance Distribution and Near-field Goniophotometer

The spatial luminance distribution and the size of emitting area different directions are important quantities, especially for the glare performance estimation. The imaging luminance meter based on CCDs receives the light from the source directly, and measure the luminance (luminance meter) of every point in the emitting area as well as the size of emitting area.

Besides,when the luminance distribution of the light source is obtained, by ray tracing, it can deduce the other photometric quantities, such as illuminance distribution on every spatial section and the total luminous flux, and they are independent of measurement distance, direction and curving of the emitting area.

Spatial Spectral Distribution and Goniospectroradiometer

For light sources which have spatial spectral non-uniformity, i.e. have different spectral distribution in different spatial directions, it requires a goniospectroradiometer to measure the spatial spectral distribution to obtain the accurate averaged colorimetric quantities as well as the color non-uniformity.

The spectroradiometer in the goniospectroradiometer shall have high measurement speed and synchronous sampling function, so as to be synchronous with the rotation of the goniometer.

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