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Software Update for LSG-1800 Goniophotometer

Lisun Group updates LSG-1800 software to version 1.30 before Christmas Day. It is free to download for the customers who ever ordered LSG-1800 from Lisun before2011-12-24. Comparing to the LSG-1800 version 1.20, the version 1.30 has the following advantages:

  1. The LSG-1800 Ver1.30 can be added company logo in the test report: please make your company logo to 370x125pixel and named as Logo.bmp, then save to C:\Program Files\LiSun\LSG-1800. Then you can get your company Logo in the right head of test report
  2. The test original documents can be saved as .lsg format which has been registered in CSTC (China Software Technology Center), it can be opened and run by LSG-1800 and some lighting design software directly
  3. The test report is more clearly
  4. The software is more easy to operate and quick run
  5. Some others advantages

Please click here to download the software: LSG-1800Ver1.30.zip (2.15MB)

For the ID and Password, please send us a email.

Please contact your sales if have any questions.

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