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Principles and Applications of Fiber-optic Spectrometer

Spectroscopy is a technology to measure the ultraviolet, visible, near infrared and infrared light intensity (UV VIS Spectrophotometer). Spectral measurements (Optical Spectrum Analyzer) are widely used in a variety of areas, such as color measurement (Colorimeter), the concentration detection of the chemical composition or the analysis of electromagnetic radiation and so on.

Spectrophotometer generally include the entrance slit, collimator, dispersive element (grating or prism), the focusing optical system and detector. While the exit slit is usually included in monochromatic and it makes a very narrow part of the entire spectrum expose itself to the single-pixel detection device. Often the location of Incident and emitted slit in the Monochromator is fixed while the width is adjustable; the entire spectrum can be scanned by rotating the grating.

In the nineties, it has seen the rapid development of the multi-pixel photo detector in the field of microelectronics, such as CCD array, photodiode (PDAs) array and so on which makes it possible to the scanners and CCD cameras with low-cost. A CCD detector can scan the entire spectrum quickly without moving the grating. Due to the significantly increased demand for fiber optical communication technology, thereby a low-loss silica fiber is developed. The fiber can also be used to measure fiber, signal light generated by the sample measured will be transmitted to the optical bench in spectrometer. As Fiber coupling is very easy, then you can easily build modular measurement system consisting of light sources, sampling accessories and fiber optic spectrometer.

Modularity and flexibility of the system are the advantages of fiber-optic spectrometer. The measuring speed of miniature fiber optic spectrometer from Lisun Group is extremely fast, therefore, it can be used for online analysis. Besides, because of its selection of low-cost general-purpose detectors, the cost of the spectrometer is also greatly reduced, thus, its application area is expanded greatly.

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