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Operating Environment and Warranty of UI2010

UI2010: Digital Power Meter (Harmonic Analyzer Model)

Operating Environment

1. Normal working conditions

Temperature:     (0~40)℃

Relative humidity:  ≤80%

2. Power supply

Voltage:     198V~242V

Frequency:     47.5Hz~52.5Hz

Note: Do not use the instrument in the place where there are inflammable or explosive articles. Damage to safety may be caused due to the use of any electrical instruments in such kind of environment.


This Instrument has the warranty of 2 years since the date of purchase, in the guarantee period, maintenance and repair costs will be at the expense of the user account resulted from the damage of the instrument due to the improper operation of the instrument. The company should be responsible for the life-long maintenance of the instrument.

Without the written permission of the company, users must not open the outer plate of the instrument, for it will affect the instrument’s warranty.

Instrument maintenance should be conducted by the professional technicians authorized by the company; Please don’t arbitrarily change the internal device of the instrument; after the maintenance, the instrument needs to be recalibrated so as not to affect the test accuracy. Any damage to the instrument caused by the user’s blind maintenance and replacement of the parts does not belong the warranty scope; user shall bear the cost of maintenance.

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