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Maintenance of Goniophotometer and Integrating Sphere’s Fittings

Reflector maintenance:

  1. Don’t use hands or other object to touch reflector.
  2. Don’t wipe with alcohol or water when the reflector has dust, blow clean with air gun or other tools can generate wind.
  3. Keep the reflector 2.5m height from the ground if non-test.
  4. Cover the reflector with special black cloth after test to keep it clean.

Receiving probe maintenance: it is a very important device for Goniophotometer, it also influences the test accuracy. Cover it with special black cloth if non-test. Prevent dust or other objects from entering into the probe, which could cause damage to the probe or data inaccurate. Keep it closed if non-test. Don’t wipe with alcohol or water and touch with hands. (Receiving probe is inside, it is hard to wine. Especially keep it clean.)

C axle and γaxle maintenance: if you don’t use instrument for 2-3 days, rotate the C axle and γaxle a circle at interval of one day to keep the axle flexible and accurate.

Test fixture maintenance: keep the fixture place clean in the dark room, distinguish the clamp area. Absolutely keep it clean under the rotating shaft.

  1. Keep the fixture structure firm, keep link part non-loose, keep screw non-loose, and keep power line without breaking skin, to ensure fixture safety.
  2. Make fixture clear, select the appropriate fixture accurately when use the jig, make it convenient and applicable.
  3. Place fixtures neatly, distinguish the fixture layout area.

Infrared locator maintenance:

  1. Don’t use hands or other objects touch the infrared device.
  2. Prohibit non-professional to move or adjust the infrared device.
  3. Infrared locator should be calibrated regularly. To ensure the accuracy of infrared locator.
  4. Shut down the power supply of instrument if non-test. Shut down the secondary power source, and then shut down the total power source.
  1. Regularly clean the dust on the instrument, clean weekly. Keep it clean.
  2. Instrument calibration: instrument needs regular calibration, calibrate every half year. Calibration must be operated by professional, related calibration tool or fixture should be provided by instrument supplier, such as standard light source.

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