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Basic Theories About Goniophotometer Part2: High Accuracy Measurement for Luminous Flux

2. High accuracy measurement method for luminous flux of luminaries and lamps

The derivation of luminous flux from a measurement of illuminance distribution of a light source is the method which can usually achieve very high accuracy. The measurement principle can be expressed as:


This is also the method for many developed countries to set up their national scale of luminous flux. According to CIE 84-1989 Technical Report, it is not necessary for the lamps or luminaries to be exactly at the center of the imaginary sphere, however, recommended that it should be positioned as close to the center of the sphere as possible. The minimum distance between the light center of the test lamp or luminaries for purely mechanical reasons. It may be smaller than the limiting photometric distance as long as the illuminance meter still evaluates illuminance correctly in terms of direction (cosine response) . The angle step for photometric sampling shall be small enough to ensure the measurement accuracy, etc.

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