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LSG-2000: Goniophotometer with Rotating Mirror

Function of LSG-2000 for measuring light:

It is the most popular goniophotometer with rotating mirror used by global international laboratory (including the nine global laboratories such as Philips). International Commission on Illumination CIE NO.70 recommended that the standard structure should be used to measure the space light intensity distribution and many other photometric parameters of indoor lighting lamps and lanterns, throwing light lamps and lanterns, road lighting lamps and lanterns, including: space light intensity distribution, the light intensity measurement of any section (which can use right angle coordinate system or polar coordinate to display), space light intensity curve, plane illumination distribution curve, brightness(brightness meter) limit curve, band flux, glare grade, lamps and lanterns efficiency, effective emitting angle, upward flux rate, downward flux rate, total flux(flux meter) of lamps and lanterns, effective flux, utilization fact, the whole space chromaticity unevenness of LED lamps and lanterns and electrical parameters (voltage, current, power, power factor), etc.

LSG-2000 performance index:

Constant temperature photometric detector: strictness V (λ), matching, CIE-f1 is less than 0.015 (detector and reflector match the whole unit)

Sensitivity of the detector: 0.00001 lx, 0.0001 lx, 0.001 lx (optional)

Precision of the angle: 0.1 °

Angular resolution: Y Angle 0.0016 °, C Angle 0.03 °

Mirror size:1.52 m*2.2 m(optional)

The maximum specification of the testing lamps:

Power supply: AC/DC 600 V /10 Ax 6



Electric driven aperture can eliminate stray light to the best.

To test the size of lamps and lanterns of different specifications: L (2.0m), M (1.6m), S (1.2 m)

The U.S. Government issued her LED tester standards IESNA-LM-79-08. This approved method is a guide developed for the measurement of Solid State Lighting (SSL) products such as LED Street Light, LED Flood Light, LED Down Light, LED Ceiling Light, LED Par Light, LED Tube, LED Module and so on. The most of LED fixtures manufactory use the Integrating Sphere to do the color and photo parameters test. But considering to the SSL’s feature is not like a light source, it requests goniophotometers to do the test. According to CIE121-1996, the LSG-2000 is recommend.

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