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Lisun Group Products List Part9: Electronic Components Tester

Electronic Components Tester of Lisun Group:

UI9730: magnetic particle testing. Parameters to be measured (absolute value): Measure hypo-class U, Iout, Hz, Hc, Br, Bm, Hm, Br /Bm, μm, magnetic core loss, B-H curve, U curve and I curve.

UI9702: Magnetic Core Selector. Measure relative value of μm, Bs, Br, Hc integrated factor.

UI9610: MOS Transistor Selector. Parameters of MOS test: threshold voltage, internal resistance, transconductance, withstands voltage, etc.

UI9611: MOS Transistor characteristics Selector.

UI9600: Transistor Tester.

UI9600A: Transistor’s Multi-Functional Selector. Contact us for more info about how to test a transistor.

FD2810B: LCR Digital Bridge.

FD1772B: DC Bias Current Source.

HF2686C: Electrolytic Capacitor Tester Equipment.

Contact us for more about testing electronic components.

About Lisun Group:

Lead in CFL and LED Tester. Click to our product lists:

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Colorimeter and Photometer
LED Test Instruments
CFL Testing Instruments
EMC testing
Electronic Ballast Tester
Equipments for Testing Electronic components
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Environmental Chamber
AC and DC power supply

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