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Lisun Group Products List Part6: Energy Saving Lamp Test Instruments

CFL Testing Instruments of Lisun Group:

HFP-300: High Frequency Power Supply. Output frequency: 25kHz. Output voltage: 0-600.0V. Output current: 0-0.600A.

LPS-1: Lamp Preheat Assistant Source. The auxiliary power supply is convenient assistance for pre-heat startup of various kind of lamp tube.

RB-2: The adjustable resistance ballast with different power is available.

DYJ: Adjustable Reference Ballast. According to the standard, reference ballast is required to be connected to the lamp before testing the photo-electrical parameters.

HCS-102A: Adjustable High Frequency Reference Ballast is also called High Frequency Current Source. It’s used for lamp and ballast manufacturing.

FD210: Digital Torsion Test Instrument. Range: 0~10N.m. Accuracy: ≤1%.

FD116: Multiway Life Tester. This life tester can simultaneously test 16 products, while judge and record the on-off times of single products.

TMP-8/TMP-16: Multiplex Temperature Test Equipment. Specification: 8(TMP-8) or 16(TMP-16) channels temperature signal. T type or K type thermocouple.

GNG-*: Go no go gauge. According to IEC request, Lisun produced high accuracy and high quality “Go” and “Not go” gauge.

About Lisun Group:

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