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Lisun Group Products List Part5: LED Test Instruments

LED Test Instruments of Lisun Group:

LPCE-2: This LED test system includes spectroradiometer, integrating sphere, etc. It’s for individual LED testing and LED lamp testing.

UI2050: LED driver testing instrument meets GB/T 24825-2009, IEC62384:2006 and other national and international test standard of LED electrical property.

FL200A: LED Luminous Intensity Meter is a precise electronic instrument for measuring led luminous intensity. It’s strictly designed according to LED standard requirements of CIE1997-127.

JDS200: Thermal & Spectroradiometeric System for LED. Measuring parameters: LED junction temperature, LED thermal, etc.

LS822: Aging and Light Attenuation Measurement. It can save all the data after sample interval preset, can output them via RS-232 interface after work finished.

LS280: Multiplex Luminous Flux Maintenance Meter. It’s used to measure flux maintenance factor for high power LEDs or illuminants.

LS600: High Power LED Aging Test Instrument. Designed to measure the aging-life of 64pcs power LED products simultaneously and separately, such as 1W, 3W, 5W LED.

LS6100: LED Life Tester. Designed to measure the aging-life and color comparisons of 50pcs 5050 SMD LED and 100pcs 3528 SMD LED.

FOS-3000: LED Fiber Optic Spectrometer. Measure parameters: Relative spectral power distribution P(λ); Chromaticity coordinate: (x,y)、(u,v); etc.

About Lisun Group:

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