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Lisun Group Products List Part4: Colorimeter and Photometer

Colorimeter and Photometer of Lisun Group:

PHOTO-100: This pocket luminance meter has performance of high precision, low consumption, small volume, stable performance and convenience operation.

PHOTO-100L: Pocket brightness meter, measuring range: 20cd/m2~2000kcd/m2; testing accuracy: class 1.

XYC-I: This all digital color meter is based on all digital integral photometric and colorimetric measurement technology.

HPC-2: The pocket colorimeter is a newly developed pocket colorimeter, adopting advanced spectrometer and micro-processor technology.

HPC-1: Display range of this color temperature meter is 1500K-25000K.

CFO-1.2M: The optical fiber is used to Link the spectrophotocolorimeter and integrating sphere, i.e. lead the tested light from the sphere to the spectrophotocolorimeter.

XYL-VI: This luminance colorimeter employs the digital X(入),Y(入),Z(入) sensors and the digital signal measurement system. This photoelectric colorimeter is very simple to overcome the zero drift.

PH2000: The digital photometer light current measuring range: 0.005×10-7A—2000×10-7A; Measuring range for luminous flux depends on the sensitivity of light collector and detector.

PR-110B: Transient photometer, measures illumination and is also a flux meter.

About Lisun Group:

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