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Lisun Group Products List Part2: Spectrophotometer

Spectrophotometer of Lisun Group:

LPCE-1: It’s a spectroradiometer, integrating sphere test system. The measured data meets the requirements of CIE and IES_LM-79.

LMS-9000: High speed and high array optical spectrometer is an automated test system for identifying the performance of LEDs by measuring the photometry, colorimetry and electricity.

LMS-8000: CCD spectrometer LED Measurement System is an automated measurement system for identifying the performance of individual LED.

LMS-5000: Quick-Scan UV VIS Spectrophotometer meets the requirements of CIE.

LMS-3000: High accuracy color spectrometer is suitable for all lamps, LED and phosphor and meets the requirements of CIE.

About Lisun Group:

Lead in CFL and LED Tester. Click to our product lists:

Integrating Sphere
Colorimeter and Photometer
LED Test Instruments
CFL Testing Instruments
EMC testing
Electronic Ballast Tester
Equipments for Testing Electronic components
Electrical Safety Tester
Environmental Chamber
AC and DC power supply

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