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LISUN Exhibition Notice: 2017 Year “One Belt One Road” The Baltic states Economic Forum

LISUN Exhibition Notice: 2017 Year “One Belt One Road” The Baltic states Economic Forum

In September and October 2013, Chairman Xi put forward a major initiative of building “The Silk Road Economic Belt” and “The 21st Century Maritime Silk Road” (referred to as “One Belt One Road”) when he visit to Central Asia and Southeast Asian countries, which has received a high degree of concern from the international community and a positive response from countries along Central and Eastern Europe. LISUN is invited to participate in 2017 Year “One Belt One Road” The Baltic states Economic Forum which is led by the Vice-Mayor of Shanghai Municipal Government . By then, LISUN will sign the relevant cooperation and support memorandum with the quality inspection institutions of the Baltic states under the testimony of the vice mayor of Shanghai and Ambassador of China to the Baltic States.

Forum time: 12-20 September 2017

Forum location: Estonia Tallinn, Latvia Riga and Lithuanian Vilnius.

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