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LISUN Engineer do Installation & Training in Brazil in January 2018

LISUN Engineer stay in Brazil to do Installation & Training here. We talk about our another customer in Brazil this time. This customer purchase a LSG-1700B Rotation Luminaire Goniophotometer (Big Size) and a CH338 Digital Torsion Meter from LISUN.

LSG-1700B Goniophotometer is automatic goniophotometric instrument for luminous intensity distribution measurements with facility for turning the light source. The LSG-1700B use a constant temperature detector, Japanese Motor and Germany precision angle coder which keeps high test accuracy.

Finally we share some photos here:

Customer LISUN engineer and LSG 1700B Goniophotometer

Figure 1: Customer, LISUN engineer, and LSG-1700B Goniophotometer

Customers are practicing the operation of the LSG 1700B Goniophotometer

Figure 2: Customers are practicing the operation of the LSG-1700B Goniophotometer

The LSG 1700B Goniophotometer is working

Figure 3: The LSG-1700B Goniophotometer is working

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Our main products are Goniophotometer, Spectroradiometer, Integrating Sphere, LED Test Instruments, CFL Test Instruments, Photometer and Colorimeter, EMC & EMI Testing, Surge Generator, Electrical Safety Testing, Environmental Test Chamber, Waterproof Test , Dustproof Test Chamber, High and Low temperature Humidity Chamber, Plug and Switch Testing, AC and DC Power Supply.

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