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Lisun Electronics Engineers went to Hungary to install Goniophotometer for our Hungary customer.

Lisun Electronics Engineers went to Hungary to install Goniophotometer for our Hungary customer.

Zengővári Lighting Ltd has been manufacturing lighting products for 20 years in Hungary. In October 2012, Zengővári Lighting Ltd purchased Lisun Rotation Luminaire Goniophotometer(LSG-1800) for lamp testing. Our Engineers spent three days in providing installation and training service to customers. The first day, Zengővári engineers carefully reviewed the drawing provided by Lisun Enigneers, then they installed the test system, and calibrated and debugged the instruments in accordance with CIE standards. The next day, Zengővári staff from technical department together with Lisun Engineers used the calibrated system to test some lamp samples, and they found the test result was very close to the rated specifications. On the last day, Lisun Engineers gave a detail introduction and training for Zengővári staff about the basic knowledge and relevant standards in lighting industry, such as CIE, LM-79, LM-80, as well as the usage, maintainace, after-sales for Lisun Goniophotometer(LSG-1800).

Zengővári Lighting Ltd has become the largest lamp manufacturer in Europe; It can design and manufacture lighting products according to the different needs from customers. With high excellence test instruments, right price, and perfect after-sales service, Lisun Group finally wins this order from Zengővári Lighting Ltd.

Before leaving, Lisun engineer team takes some photos in front of the famous statue In Budapest square. Lisun Group is Lead in CFL and LED Test Instruments. Our Main products are Spectrophotometer, Goniophotometer, Integrating Sphere, EMI, EMC Testing, Photometer and Colorimeter, LED and CFL tester, Electronic Ballast Tester, Electronic Components Tester, Electrical Safety Tester, Environmental Test Chamber, AC and DC Power Supply etc. With high precision test instruments, and combined with perfect after-sales training service, Lisun Group has won unanimous praise from domestic and foreign

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