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IP Waterproof and Dustproof Rating Test Purpose of the test

Purpose of the test: to assess the ability of the material to prevent solids and liquids from entering the external shell
Detection range: electrical and electronic equipment, automotive aircraft and other parts

IP level (waterproof and dustproof) definition
IP waterproof and dustproof, refers to the protection level of electrical equipment, in accordance with its ability of preventing external objects intrusion, waterproof, moisture-proof and dustproof characteristics to be graded. The external objects include tools, human fingers, etc. which are not accessible to the live parts of the lamp to avoid electric shock. IP protection level is composed of two figures, the first number represents the level of dustproof ability for lamps, and the ability of preventing foreign objects intrusion; the second number represents the level of anti moisture and water for lamps. The larger the number is, the higher the degree of protection is. For example, IPXX.

The IP rating system provides a method for classifying products by the levels of waterproof, dustproof and anti-collision for electrical equipment and packaging. This system is approved by most European countries and was announced in IED529 (BS EN 60529: 1992) External Packing Protection level (IP code).

The degree of protection is mostly followed IP by two numbers, and the numbers are used to clarify the level of protection. The first figure indicates the extent of the equipment against the dust, or the extent to which people are protected from harm in a sealed environment. The second figure indicates the waterproof level of the device.

0 No protection
1 Can withstand solid material with length is more than 50mm. For example, hands accidentally touch; can withstand the vertical drop of water.
2 Can withstand solid material with diameter is more than 12mm, and length is no longer than 80mm. For example, fingers; can withstand a direct injection of water at a vertical angle of 15 °.
3 Can withstand solid material with diameter is more than 2.5mm. For example, tools or wires; can withstand direct jetting of water at a vertical angle of 60 °.
4 Can withstand solid material with a diameter is more than 1.0mm. For example, small wires; can withstand water spray from any direction- allowing limited access.
5 Dustproof, limited access (no harmful deposits). Can withstand low pressure water jet from any direction – allowing limited access.
6 Dust is difficult to enter, completely dustproof. Can withstand strong water column jet from any direction – allowing limited access.
7 Allowing for putting into 0.15m-1m depth water for a short time which can be up to 30 minutes.
8 Can withstand long-term soaking under pressure.

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