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Integrating Sphere Maintenance

Integrating Sphere is a hollow sphere which inner wall is coated with white diffuse material. There are one or several apertures on the wall of the integrating sphere. The aperture is used as light well and receiving aperture for placing light-receiving device. The inner wall of integrating sphere should be good sphere. It usually requires that deviation from the ideal spherical should be less than 0.2% of diameter. The inner wall of integrating sphere is coated with ideal diffuse reflecting material, i.e. the diffuse reflection factor close to 1. Common used materials are MgO or BaSO4. Mix it and gum binder, spraying on the inner wall.

Many customers who purchased spectroradiometer and integrating sphere must very concern about the maintenance problems of integrating sphere. Generally, integrating sphere can be used more than 5 years if maintain well.

Integrating Sphere maintenance mainly has coating maintenance, circuit maintenance and fixture maintenance.

For coating maintenance, please use a brush to clear up the debris and dust in the inner wall of integrating sphere for daily cleaning timely. Be careful when install the lamps. Do not fall and damage the coating. Prevent hard object scratching. Close integrating sphere timely, cut off the power supply of lamp under test and remove the clamps after using every time.

If there is some damage, please contact manufacturer timely to spray special coating with spray gun. Spray once, spray again after all is dried. We must ensure spray uniformly. Please also note that the white coating is special painting, please do not spray at well.

For stains problem, if it is just small area of stain on the surface, you can use a knife to scrape gently. If the stain area is large, please spray with special painting after scraping in order to repair.

For circuit maintenance, please note ground and choose right power supply. Inspect whether the outside of integrating sphere and the wire of stage junction box is damaged.

For fixture maintenance, make sure that E27/E40 lamp cap contacts work well, without broken or pushed down. Make sure that tube fixture connect right.

In addition, please use the standard light source with gloves. Generally, manufacturers will send a pair of white gloves. Because the standard light source for integrating sphere is DC input, we need provide DC power source to it.

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