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Integrating Sphere Development

Integrating Sphere Development


Integrating Sphere is used for flux measurement, which can make test result more reliable. Integrating Sphere can reduce the measurement error caused by the shape of light, divergence angle and responsiveness difference in different location on detector.

Let us learn more details about the development of Integrating Sphere manufacture technology.

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Picture 1:Old Model Integrating Sphere

Picture 1 is old model Integrating Sphere. The hemisphere manufacturing technology of this Integrating Sphere is surrounded by six iron sheets via angle iron, and then two hemispheres are connected by fixture. The bottom adopts adjustable foot to support and fix the whole sphere.

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Picture 2 Improved Model Integrating Sphere

Picture 2 is the improved model integrating sphere. This integrating sphere specification makes no difference with old model. But the critical technologies are that hemisphere is disposable stamping by mould. Technology requirements are very high. Measurement data error is quite small. Overall appearance is succinct.

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Picture 3  Latest Integrating Sphere

The overall structure of latest Integrating Sphere is simple and beautiful with powerful function. This sphere can be assembled in half. The hemisphere width can be controlled at about 1/2 of the entire width of the sphere after disassembly, which is convenient to transport, especially for small office or laboratory door. The disassembly and installation of this model Integrating Sphere just needs to twist six screws in bracket.


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In addition, Lisun is the first to achieve the integration of Integrating Sphere and Cabinet. We can put spectroradiometer, digital power meter and power source in the cabinet, which greatly facilitate the installation of wires.

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