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India LED Lighting Market in 2016

India lighting market develops rapidly, research reports point that LED lighting market scale will reach 1.14 billion dollars, growth 47.1%. India government intends to make India to be the lighting products export hub for East Asia and Gulf States, many international large factories have India as the production base for the global market, so India LED lighting market domestic and external demand is large, the market will grow rapidly in next two or three years. LED lighting market is expected to reach 1.715 billion dollars in 2020.

International manufacturers Philips and Osram both established R$D centers or manufacturing plants in India, not only optimistic about the prospects for the Indian LED market, India is also as the global market plant production base. Local manufacturers except Havells and Surya large manufacturers own their manufacturing plants; other manufacturers mainly import products from China. International manufactures with mature technology and products share market far more than local manufacturers in India. However, India government strongly supports local enterprises now, government procurement case would provide 50% amount to local LED relative lighting products manufacturers, local manufacturers market share will increase in future.

In India, LED lighting market grows with an annual rate of 10.2%, although it is only at the initial stage of development, it has been shown strong growth stance. Mayor international LED companies actively enter India market with the latest LED technology and products. To meet India’s urgent need for LED industry development, India international LED exhibition as the unique one on LED products and applications in India, it will open a glorious page in the history of global solid-state lighting.

In order to promote the popularity of LED lighting products, India government continues to drive down the product price in official standard case, but also continues to improve the LED product specifications. Opportunities and challenges both exist for manufacturers.

In order to improve product quality, India government carries out some standard specification for the products. Lighting products into India market needs to have BIS certification. Since 2017, the government demands that manufacturers mark energy efficiency label on LED products, the whole luminaries efficiency should reach at least 90lm/w.

Lisun is lead in LED and CFL Test Instruments, The Lisun Group products have been authenticated by the third party lab and were awarded by CE certificate. As a CIE Supportive member, all of the test instruments produced by Lisun Group are designed according to CIE standards.

Light India is the most indicative lighting exhibition in India. Lisun Group is very optimistic about the prospects for the India lighting market, we will attend India international lighting exhibition in New Delhi this October. Show time is from 5th, Oct to 7th, Oct, total is 3 days. Our booth is Hall 12 Booth M28; we will welcome the lighting industry manufacturers and related industries to visit our booth by then.

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