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IEC62262 for LED Luminaries IK Protection level Test

IEC62262(How to install the EUT when doing the IK degree protection test, ventilation requirements, quantity of hammer, distribution of the hammer and hammer each level corresponding), the IEC62262, IEC60598 (GB7000) and IEC60068-2-75 (GB2423.55) standards applications IK degree test with lighting. The main purpose of these standards is regulate relevant test procedures and test way of doing the lighting luminaries IK degree protection test, and assess whether the product is qualified.

The protection class code in IEC62262 standard, IK code indicates protection grade against harmful mechanical collision of outside shell, characterized by a combination of figures: 01-10, from the IK01, IK02, IK03, IK04, IK05, IK06, IK07, IK08, IK09 and IK10. There is divided into two groups test according to different levels within 10 level: the first group is spring hammer test from IK01, IK02 to IK06 , this group require less energy (from 0.14J to 1J); Second group is big pendulum test from IK07, IK08 to IK10 which require the large energy (ranging from 2J to 20J). In the lighting industry, like car headlights, street lights, explosion proof lights and some special kinds of lights are required to do the shell lamps IK protection degree testing from IK05 to IK10, especially doing IK07, IK08, IK09 and IK10 test. The purpose is checking lighting protective degree of shell can meet lighting industry and national standards requirements or not.

In order to adapt to these standards, Lisun developed IK02-06 Spring Hammer(produced by nickel-plated stainless steel, including the hit tee handle and hammer which made ​​by white polyethylene imine, the impact of the release energy less than 10N) and IK07-10 Large Pendulum (included sample mounting holes, the sample platform and vertical rods etc.). It’s fully comply with IEC62262, IES60598, IEC60068-2-75 etc standards. The IK02-06 and IK07-10 are easy to operate, after finished test, we can get test results directly and determine whether the product is qualified.

We have a lot of customers who bought the IK02-06 Spring Hammer and IK07-10 Large Pendulum already, like Russia “Limited liability company “Lighting technologies”,”. Malaysia “DAVIS LIGHTING”, Israel “CROW Electronic Engineering Ltd.”etc. At the same time, lots of customers show their interesting in IK02-06 Spring Hammer/IK07-10 Large Pendulum. The reason why we can win so many trust and support from the world famous companies is because we always practice the motto right product, right price and right service. From the feedback, Lisun enjoy good reputation in the world market. And we will always provide the high quality products and superior service to all of our customers.

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