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LISUN Exhibition Notice: November 2017 Thailand International Lighting Fair

ASEAN’s Leading Trade Fair on Lighting Technology, Design and Solutions Thailand Lighting Fair 2017, a trusted platform among industry experts, is heating up the industry with its ambitious to become a perfect networking platform and marketplace for Southeast Asia. With thousands of latest lighting technologies on display from upstream services to downstream supplies, the show attracts thousands of ASEAN buyers and offers unrivalled business opportunities for international sellers to capture ASEAN’s growing lighting industry and rising needs for energy efficiency.

Thailand International Lighting Fair is the most influential international professional lighting fair in Thailand.

Fair Dates: 16-18 November 2017

Fair Venue: Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC)

LISUN Booth Number: E45 and E47

Book your stand at: http://thailandlightingfair.com/, or contact LISUN to get a free ticket: [email protected]

LISUN will display the following products in the Exhibition:

  1. LSG-1700B Goniophotometer System: http://ru.lisungroup.com/product-id-339.html
  2. LPCE-3 Spectroradiometer & Integrating Sphere LED Test System: http://ru.lisungroup.com/product-id-394.html
  3. LMS-6000 Portable CCD Spectroradiometer: http://ru.lisungroup.com/product-id-448.html
  4. EMI-9KB EMI Receiver System: http://ru.lisungroup.com/product-id-331.html
  5. SG61000-5 Surge Generator: http://ru.lisungroup.com/product-id-254.html

For more product information, you may download our E-Catalog at: http://ru.lisungroup.com/e-catalog.html

Figure 1: Booth design diagram (Products prevail the actual exhibition)

Figure 1: Booth design diagram (Products prevail the actual exhibition)

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