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How to Solve the Stroboscopic Problem of LED Lighting?

“Bright blind” in life is an exaggerated description of some impact incidents, but if it is used for the LED lighting industry, then it is the quality problems of LED lamp itself. And “strobe” is likely the initiator to lead to “blind”. Many people are not very clear about the concept of strobe, and even don’t care about its harm. Regarding the hazard of strobe, experts have given the conclusion.

A lot of LED lights on the market use the pulse power supply, their cost is relatively cheap, at the same time conducive to adjust the brightness, and also extend the working life of lamp. However, it is not a continuous light, but flicker in a very high speed, we can not see with naked eye. Only our brain and retina can detect the strobe. This kind of flicker may cause headaches, decreased attention and vision loss.

Energy Bureau staff told the media that the government should exert more attention to this problem, improve the laws and regulations, so that make unqualified products disappear from the market. At the same time, he stressed that the LED energy saving light technology will be better and better. Compared with the old light bulb, the consumption of LED lamp is only its 1/10, so this act may also plays an active significance to energy saving.

For there is strobe or not, users can use a simple method to distinguish. Firstly, turn on the light and then open mobile phone camera function, put the camera lens at a distance of 20cm from the lamp, then observe whether there is a dark stripe flicker in the phone camera screen. If there is flicker, then this lamp has strobe, if there is no flicker, then you can use this lamp rest assured.

Dated 14th December, 2012, the EU officially released the (EU) NO 1194/2012 rules implementing rules of the European Parliament and the EU Council Directive 2009/125/EC on the eco-design requirements of directional lights, LED lights and related equipment requirements. Compared with European Parliament and Council Directive 2005/32/EC implementing rules for non-directional household lamps eco-design requirements which posted by the European Commission Regulation (EC) NO 244/2009 Regulations dated 18th March, 2009, the new rules have complete mandatory and eco-design requirements.

For LED manufacturers, they can only use professional testing equipment to detect the stroboscopic problem of LED. The LSRF-1 Lamp Start, Run-up time and Flicker Test from Lisun Electronic (Shanghai) office is integrated equipment which can test Lamp Start, Run-up Time and Flicker. To meet EU ErP requirements, IEC60969 Self-ballasted Lamps for General Lighting Services Performance requirements and Energy Star about Lamp Start, Run-up Time and Flicker Test. LISUN developed ErP test system, the system hardware consists of PH3000 and LSP-500VAC; the software consists of LST-3000 Lamp Start and Run-up Time Test and FLK-3000 Lamp Flick Test.

Lisun Electronic (Shanghai) office is committed to the development and after-sales maintenance of lighting instrument, EMI / EMC test system and Electrical Safety Tester in the domestic and global market. The full range of products of Lisun are in strict accordance with the quality management and control of ISO9001:2008 requirements for R & D and production; Lisun is also the member of global lighting CIE association, all products are according to CIE requirements; in addition, all products of Lisun are certified by CE and get the qualification of the EU.

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