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How to prevent LED products aging

We often appear this kind of problem in the LED application, LED welding on the product in the beginning working normally, but lighting after a periods of time will appear such as dim light, flashing, fault, intermittent bright phenomenons, bring serious harm to the products. The causes of this phenomenons are as follows:

1. The application of products, welding temperature too high welding time too long, not to do a good job of anti-static, etc, these problems caused by encapsulation process.
2. Caused by the LED itself quality or production process.

Prevention methods are:
1. Prepare welding process control.
2. Aging test of product.

Aging is an important guarantee of electronic product reliability, is an essential production step. LED products after aging can improve efficiency and contribute to later using efficiency stability. LED aging test method is based on product failure rate curve characteristics, in order to improve the reliability of the product. LED aging methods include constant current aging and constant pressure aging. Constant current source is refers to the current is constant at any time, otherwise it is alternating current or pulsating current. Constant current aging is the most accord with LED current work characteristics, is the most scientific way of LED aging.

Therefore, Lisun Group developed LEDLM-80PL Optical Aging Test Instrument, it can record the changing curves of lumen VS time, and colorimetric paramenters VS time.

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