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Goniophotometer System Standard Operating Procedures

Goniophotometer is mainly used to measure the light performance of luminaries and light source, it mainly could measure the light intensity distribution curve, light intensity data, beam angle, total flux, luminaries efficiency, zonal luminaries flux, luminance distribution, coefficient of utilization, luminance limitation curves, maximum efficiency ratio of distance to height, equal illuminance diagram, effective average illuminance curve, spatial color distribution and average color parameters and so on.

Lisun LSG-1800B is a high performance Goniophotometer. How to do standard operation for Goniophotometer?

  1. Firstly, it is preparation.
  2. Before operation, testers should detect whether the connection between signals lines, control lines and power lines of Goniophotometer different parts are normal.
  3. System rotation cabinet panel key switch, open the total power, and then press ”Motor” button to open the power of mechanical part, press ”Meter” button to open the power of photo tester and angle monitor, and then press LS2010 Digital Power Meter switch to open the power of Digital Power Meter.
  4. Observe whether the testers in the cabinet are normal connected with mechanical parts. Under normal circumstances, except reference signals all display “0” in the testers, the rest can have data immediately; If all show “0”, it indicates that the test equipment and mechanical parts failed to connect, shut down the power of each equipment in the cabinet and open again.
  5. Switch the rocker switch to “CF” on the cabinet panel.
  6. Open the system power of computer, when the computer enters Windows interface, double-click LSG-1800B System software.

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