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Ecuador Customer Installation and Training

After installation and training in Mexico, our engineers went to next station at Ecuador. This customer is Ecuador national photometric and electrical test laboratory. This customer purchased Spectroradiometer & Integrating Sphere Test System, full set of IP Waterproof/Dustproof Test Instruments, IK Level Tester and High and Low Temperature & Humidity Chamber so on.

Lisun engineers went to their company to help them to complete the installation, debugging and answered some question. Below are some pictures during the installation and training.


Picture 1: High and Low Temperature & Humidity Chamber and IP Dustproof Test Machine

IK Ecuador

Picture 2: IK07-10 IK Level Tester

Ecuador IP%20Waterproof

Picture 3: Full set IP Waterproof Test Instruments

Ecuador DYJ

Picture 4: DYJ-HID HID Lamp Adjustable Reference Ballast

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