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Dustproof Test Cabinet Technical Specification

Product Descriptions

This product on the basis of the national standard GB 2423.37-89 Test L: dust test methods, GB 4208-93 protective casing grade (IP code), GB/T 4942.2-93 protective casing grade of low-voltage apparatus, GB 7000.1-1996、GB 7001-1986 protective casing grade of lamps, and so on. A series of the related protective casing grades standards developed a series of corresponding environmental test equipments with reasonable design, simple operation and easy maintenance; all the indexes meet the national standards.

Main Technical Specifications

Time setting range: 0~9999 hours(adjustable)

Metal net standard nominal line diameter: 50 μ m, line spacing between the nominal is 75 μ m;

Airflow velocity: more than2 m/s;

Continuous,cycle blowing dust can choice any time to test;

Dust concentration: 2 ~4 kg/m3;

Test dust: dry talcum powder, portland cement, smoke ash, etc.;

Vibration time:0~9999H(adjustable)

Vacuum pump flow control: 60 ~600 l/H

Brief Introduction of Structure Design

This dust test equipment has selected high-quality materials, used the most advanced processing equipment inChinaat present for the processing formation. With coordinate color collocation, arc-type design, smooth and natural line, the outer covering surface is beautiful and smooth after spurts models processing. Made of the imported high-quality stainless steel, the inner container is designed as a airtight space that can set the test sample to conduct the outer covering sealing test. With reasonable design and durable structure, the indoor sample holders and other accessories are made of stainless steel plate.

The device itself has an excellent sealing performance, the condition of the laboratory test can be seen clearly; Equipment is equipped with a set of vacuum system to meet the needs of the test; The bottom of the equipment is assembled with replaceable dust device and movable roller wheels to make convenient move.

This equipment not only meets the national standards and has the stable performance, but also is practical and easy to have more control. In addition, this equipment is easy to install and operate, and basically doesn’t need daily maintenance.

Circuit Control System

Time controller with high precision, effectively guarantees the test operation in accordance with the standard;

Vacuum executive device;

“CHINT” executive components;

Time of dust blower automaticly alternates;

Time of vibration and stopping vibration automaticly alternates;

Vacuum pressure instructions (adjustable);

High-precision time controller can do the individual or collective time control for the dust blower, dust vibration and the whole test.

Maximum testing time is 9999 hours;

Protection Systems

No fuse wire to protect the switch;

Leakage, the sheath-type terminals; Protection such as the whole equipment timing, automatic shutdown, etc.

Equipment Application

Environment humidity: ≤85%

Power supply requirements::AC380( ±10%)V/50HZ   three-phase-five-wire system

Equipment Materials

Quality certificate, guarantee card, circuit diagram;

Instruction book: operating methods, the points for attention, basic parts for shipment, maintenance matters.

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