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CIE Tutorial and Expert Symposium on the CIE S025 LED Lamps, LED Luminaires and LED Modules Test Standard


CIE has recently published the first international measurement standard for LED Lamps, LED Luminaires and LED Modules, ie. CIE S025(http://div2.cie.co.at/?i_ca_id=563).

CIE Division 2 will present a two-day tutorial on the new standard which includes practical work in the laboratories of the Photometry and Applied Radiometry Department of PTB.

Invited experts will present lectures from basic concepts to advanced techniques in photometric and colorimetric measurements, aimed at engineers, testing-laboratory staff and researchers in LED and solid state lighting measurement and other related fields. Special emphasis will be given to the evaluation of measurement uncertainties.

In addition, meetings of CIE technical committees will be held and the intermediate results of two European research projects related to photometry and radiometry, i.e. MESaIL (http://www.eng62-mesail.eu) and NEWSTAR (www.inrim.it/Newstar) will be presented.

As a CIE membership and one of sponsors of this CIE Tutorial and Expert Symposium, Lisun will expanding with the cooperation in the field of lighting and provide an effective service.

The CIE held a tutorial dinner after the meetings dated 24th night of November, there have 50 CIE staff and professional researcher attached this dinner. The following is some taken photos on the dinner site:


The Picture 2 is Dr. Yoshi Ohno (His job position: Vice President-Technical and President Elect of CIE and NIST Fellow at Sensor Science Division of NIST in USA)

Learning more, please check at here: http://div2.cie.co.at/?i_ca_id=974

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