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Brief Induction of Electrostatic Discharge Simulator

It is quite important for factories and users to prevent equipment from electrostatic discharge.

With the wide application of microelectronic components, to improve the reliability of products and systems, we urgently need to identify various factors of problems to find a solution.

The accumulation of static electricity and discharge problems become a greater concern because of uncontrollable environmental conditions and equipment and systems wide application in factories and mines.

Whenever personnel electrostatic discharge to nearby objects. Equipment may suffer from electromagnetic energy. Moreover, discharge may occur between metal objects nearby equipment such as tables and chairs.

Electrostatic generator is mainly used to generate static electricity. Output is usually a single polarity such as positive or negative. Output voltage can be adjustable. It is usually applied in scientific research.

Electrostatic discharge simulator is mainly applied in system-level electronic equipment such as mobile phone, computer anti-human metal model electrostatic discharge test. It includes electrostatic generator and electrostatic discharge gun. Some electrostatic generators of electrostatic discharge simulators output have positive and negative, some positive and negative can be switched, their voltage bipolar high precision output can be continuously adjustable. At the same time, it is applied in more applications and future new standard requirements. Therefore, electrostatic discharge simulator can be applied in most electrical and electronic equipment electrostatic discharge test.

How to use electrostatic discharge simulator?

After you set up all parameters, you can start to do object electrostatic discharge test. For example, contact the tested object with a sharp tapered discharge electrode directly, keep a certain posture unchanged. If the surface of some equipment have coating, you can complete the discharge process by coating and conductive substrate when discharge. If surface coating is insulated, you need to change to air discharge.

Use Precautions:

Because it will access to power during electrostatic discharge generator using, we need to make sure personnel security during operation. Firstly, operator should standard on ground iron plate during operation, otherwise there will be danger of electric shock; secondly you should protect tapered tip if contact discharge, if there occurs collision, it may influence the discharge accuracy. In addition, before use, you should make sure that the relative humidity of all objects is in security, otherwise it will cause conductive phenomenon if over standard, which will cause security risks.

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