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AC Stabilized Voltage Power Supply

AC voltage stabilizer is such a kind of electronic device that can provide a stable ac power supply. The parameters of the ac voltage stabilizer and the quality index can refer to the DC stabilized power source. All kinds of electronic device require stabilized ac power source for power supply, especially after the application of the computer technique in each field, the method of using the exchange network for the direct power supply does not meet the requirement.

AC stabilized power source has wide application field; there are the following five types.

Ferromagnetic resonant type ac voltage stabilizer: It is such an ac voltage stabilizer device using the constant pressure current-voltage characters after the combination of the saturable reactor and the corresponding capacitor. Ferromagnetic saturated type is the typical structure of this kind of stabilizer in the early stage with simple structure, convenient manufacture, wide input voltage allowable change range, reliable work, strong overload ability. However, the waveform distortion is larger, and the stability is not high. The voltage stabilizing transformer ( Transformer Test ) developed in recent years is also a kind of power supply unit using the nonlinearity of the electromagnetic element to realize the voltage stabilizing function. The difference between the Magnetic saturation voltage stabilizer and this kind of power supply unit is that the magnetic circuit structure form is different, but the basic work principle is the same. It has the function of stabilizing and transforming the voltage at the same time on one core. Therefore, it is superior to the ordinary power transformer and the magnetic saturation voltage stabilizer.

Magnetic amplifier type ac voltage stabilizer: It is such a device installing magnetic amplifiers and autotransformer in series, using the electronic circuit to change the impedance of the magnetic amplifiers to stabilize the output voltage. The circuit form can be linear amplification; also can be the pulse width modulation, etc. This kind of stabilizer with feedback control of the closed loop system has high stability degree and good output waveform. But because using the magnetic amplifiers of large inertia, the recovery time is long. And because of using self coupling way , the anti-interference ability is bad.

Sliding type ac stabilizer: It is a device to stabilize the output voltage by changing the transformer sliding contact position, namely it is a kind of automatic pressure regulating type ac stabilizer, which is driven by servo motor. This kind of regulators has high efficiency, good output voltage waveform, no special requirements of load property. But the stability is low, the recovery time is long.

Inductive type ac stabilizer: It is a device to stabilize the output ac voltage by changing the phase difference between the transformer secondary voltage and the primary voltage to make the output voltage steady. It is similar to the wire wound type asynchronous motor in the structure, and is similar to the induction pressure regulator in the principle. It has wide voltage stabilizing range, good output voltage waveform, kilowatts power. But because the rotor is often in a stall state, it has large power consumption and low efficiency. It gets less production because of needing more copper and iron materials.

Thyristor ac stabilizer: It is a kind of ac voltage stabilizer using SCR as the power to adjust the components. It has the advantage of high stability and quick response, without noise, etc. But because of the damage to the utility waveform, interference caused to the communication equipment and electronic equipment.

With the development of the power supply technology, there emerged the following three kinds of new ac stabilizing power source.

Compensating ac stabilizer: it is also called partial adjustment type regulator. Using the additional voltage. Using the additional compensation transformer voltage to connect in series the combination of source and load. With the input voltage of high and low, using intermittent type of communication switch (contactor or thyristor) or using the continuous servo motor to change the size of the additional voltage or the polarity. Subtracting (or adding) the protruding part (or the shortage part) of the input voltage, so as to achieve the purpose of stabilizing the voltage. Compensation transformer capacity is only about 1/7 of the output power, the structure is simple, the cost is low, but the stability is not high.

Numerical control type ac stabilizer and step type voltage stabilizer: It is composed of the logic element or micro processor control circuit, converting the primary circle number of the transformer, to make the output voltage get stability according to the input voltage.

Purification type ac stabilizer: Because of good isolation effect, it can eliminate the interference from power grid and get applied.

Application of ac stabilized power supply.

The ac power supply and ac voltage stabilizer have been widely used in industrial automation, complete sets of equipment, nc machine tools, textile, medical, hotel, broadcasting and TV, communication equipment and other various kinds of occasion where voltage stability is needed. If the above occasion is connected to the remote computer communication interface, it still can realize a remote control, communication and remote sensing for the power supply voltage stabilizer.

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