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A brief of the Harm and Production Principle of Stroboscopic

The Harm of  Stroboscopic:

1.It can be hurt to your eyes.
2.It can product illusion too.
3.It will cause inefficiency.

The Production Principle of  Stroboscopic:

1. The frequency of electrical power supply is low. At present, the vast majority of incandescent lamp, high-pressure mercury(sodium) lamp, inductive fluorescent lamp direct supply power by 50hz frequency sinusoidal AC current. The stroboscopic frequency is 50 hz * 2 = 100 hz, and fluctuate in the law of sine wave.
2. Huge magnitude of a voltage fluctation of electrical power supply. At present, for most of our power frequency power supply, the instantaneous voltage fluctuation range between 10% and 20% which increased the stroboscopic depth significantly.
3. The technology performance of electric light source lag behind.
4. The control of working principle.

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