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Why should the LED adopt anti-static measures?

At present, blue, green and blue-green LEDs produced so far adopt adopt chips made with GaN-based sapphire substrate and MOCVD technology. The characterizes of this chip are: good brightness, relatively mature technology, relatively few patent conflict. The shortcoming of the chip is:  Poor anti-static ability, static shock will result in high Vf (positive pressure drop), low brightness or even broken LED, therefore, how to prevent static electricity is blue and green light-emitting diode’s main problems in the production and use.

The performance of electrostatic wounded:Chips wounded by electrostatic will form the black spot on the surface, this black spot will not shine again. So, a vary degrees of wounded chip, its performance is also different. Slight wounded, may looks not come out on the surface, but a small amount of brightness will decay, IR values (reverse current) rise; Moderate wounded chip, the pipe pressure drop significantly elevated (could rise to more than 4.0 V ~ 5.5 V), brightness significantly reduce (below the normal brightness of 50%), IR, seriously affect the life, in the process of using will gradually lose function, finally can also cause death lamp.

Blue and green light-emitting tube anti-static electricity ability level at present: Antistatic ability only about 50 v, reverse electrostatic more than 500 v will immediately lead light to die; Positive electrostatic in more than 1500 v will immediately lead to a serious injury, and in the north winter, the human body electrostatic around 1000 v to 1500 v, so, the human body direct contact with the diode is a major cause of lead to diode damage. In any production, the process of using diode, shall be strictly forbidden human body in the absence of anti-static measures to direct contact with the diode.

Diode production adopts certified diode chip, under the condition of strict production (dust-free, anti-static) product diodes, production standard and leakage standard (IR) should  strictly control in 5 v, 10 muA standard, industry standard is 5 v, 50 muA in the whole process of production, testing, packaging, all automated, completely avoid the effect of artificial factor, to ensure product quality.

Therefore, Lisun developed ESD61000-2 Electrostatic Discharge Simulator, it is in full compliance with IEC 61000-4-2, EN61000-4-2, ISO10605, GB/T17626.2 and so on. Welcome to consult!

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