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when need to electromagnetic compatibility improvement

To the electronic and electrical products, you should consider the electromagnetic compatibility in the design stage, this can let the product in the production phase produced possibility of electromagnetic compatibility problems was reduced to a lower level.  But whether it meet the requirements or not, finally to pass emc test its electromagnetic compatibility standards compliance.
Because of the complexity of the electromagnetic compatibility, even for an electromagnetic compatibility design problem  consider more comprehensive’s products, in the process of design and manufacture, appears unavoidably some electromagnetic interference factors, final lead to EMC test  unqualified. In the electromagnetic compatibility test, this kind of situation is more common.
Of course, for products before finalize the design’s unqualified problem of  electromagnetic compatibility test, we can follow the normally electromagnetic compatibility’s design thinking, according to the electromagnetic compatibility design code method and system method, in view of the product redesign the problems of electromagnetic compatibility. Solve the hidden trouble of emc from the source. Its belongs to the electromagnetic compatibility design category.
At present, the widespread existing situation of domestic electronic and electrical products are: During products are conduct to the electromagnetic compatibility type testing, product design has already been finalize the design, product shell has been mould unloading already, PCB already been designed to production, the dashboard has been processed, products have been produced even waiting for shipment release.
For the problems of electromagnetic compatibility of these products, can only adopt the  methods that is “appear what problem , to solve the problem”.

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