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What is the test standard for Dustproof Testing Machine

The scientific name of the dustproof testing machine is sand dust test box, which is used to test whether the product meets the IP protection level standard by simulating the free fall of dust without simulating the environment with wind speed.

The test method of dustproof testing machine is that the dust is dry talcum powder, and the talcum powder shall be filtered by metal square hole sieve. The wire diameter is 50um, and the mesh size is 75um. The amount of talcum powder is 2kg/m3.

Dustproof testing machine has two test methods:
1. When the air pressure in the box is lower than the ambient atmospheric pressure, the vacuum pump shall be used to keep it lower than the atmospheric pressure due to the thermal cycle effect, and the air extraction air shall be connected to the hole specially set for the test.
2. When the air pressure in the enclosure is the same as the ambient air pressure, the tested enclosure shall be put into the test chamber according to the normal working position, but not connected to the vacuum pump. The drain hole opened under normal conditions shall be kept open during the test, and the test duration shall be 8 h.

Features of dustproof testing machine:
1. It is applicable to the dust-proof test of 1-6 levels for products.
2. There is a dust replaceable device at the bottom, which can easily replace the used dust.
3. There is an air extraction pipe in the box, which can complete the vacuum action for the sample (the sample needs to be reserved with an air extraction hole)
4. Preset test time: the maximum test time is 99 hours and 59 minutes.
5. Vacuum system: equipped with vacuum pump, vacuum gauge, air filter, flowmeter and connecting pipe.

Standard technical parameters of dustproof testing machine:
1. Inner box size: about 800 * depth 800 * height 800 mm
2. External dimension: about 1250 long * 1050 deep * 1755mm high
3. Standard wire diameter of metal screen: 50um
4. Standard spacing between lines: 75um
5. Amount of talcum powder: 2 ~ 4kg/m ³
6. Test dust: dry talcum powder
7. Dust suppression method: free dust suppression
8. Total time of vibration and test 0-999999min (adjustable)
9. Timing accuracy: ± 1s
10. Vacuum gauge range: 0-10Kpa (adjustable)

Housing material of dustproof testing machine:
1. The shell is made of domestic steel plate, and all inner boxes and turntables are made of SUS304 # stainless steel plate. The surface is painted, beautiful and durable, and will not rust after long-term use.
2. There is a transparent observation window (tempered glass material) on the door, and there is a transparent observation window LED inside the box to facilitate the observation of the lighting.
3. The 7-inch touch screen is the core control system+Panasonic PLC.
4. The equipment base of each model is equipped with four brake wheels, which are convenient for moving and fixing.

LISUN lauched SC-015 Dustproof Testing Machine (Sand Dust Chamber) is applied to physical and other related performance tests for electronic and electrical products, lamps, electrical cabinets, electrical components, automobiles, motorcycles and their parts and other products under simulated dust climate conditions. After the measurement, it is judged whether the performance of the product meets the requirements through verification, so as to facilitate the design, improvement, verification and factory inspection of the product. Comply meets IEC60529:1989 +A1:1999 +A2: 2013 <Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP Code)>,IEC60598-1,  GB2423.37-89 (Test L: dust test methods), GB4208, GB/T 4942.2-93(protective casing grade of low-voltage apparatus), GB7000.1 <Luminaires Part 1: General Requirements and Tests> 9.2.1, 9.2.2 and Figure 6, DIN40050 and IP5K0. The dust test chamber is applicable to the IP5X and IP6X dustproof test of the products.

Dust test chamber SC 015 AL

SC-015 Dustproof Testing Machine | Dust Proof Chamber

Lisun Instruments Limited was found by LISUN GROUP in 2003. LISUN quality system has been strictly certified by ISO9001:2015. As a CIE Membership, LISUN products are designed based on CIE, IEC and other international or national standards. All products passed CE certificate and authenticated by the third party lab.

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