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What is the test procedure of horizontal vertical flame tester?

Using a horizontal vertical flame tester, plastic materials’ combustion properties may be inspected or assessed under specific test settings. The essential provisions of the UL 94 standard are included in its design.
When using the UL94 horizontal/vertical flame chamber, you can perform horizontal burning tests as well as vertical burning tests with the use of respective fixture kits, which hold the specimen at a predetermined height above a burning flame to control the ignition duration, record how long a subsequent flame lasts, and how long an afterglow lasts under specified conditions.
It can calculate the specimen’s damage length, linear burning rate, and afterglow duration.

The characteristics are as follows:
1. Built-in lights and exhaust fans make it easy to expel the combustion gas from the desktop airless combustion chamber, which measures more than 0.5 m3.
2. During the test, specimens may be seen through a window composed of toughened safety glass.
3. In addition, specimen stands with fully adjustable horizontal and vertical orientations are provided.
4. The burner conforms to ASTM D5025 and has an accurate gas control system, comprising a gas flow meter, pressure regulator, and pressure gauge.
5. It can be adjusted to three different angles (0°, 20°, and 45°). A burning timer, an afterflame timer, an afterglow timer, and the number of burns are all included in this gadget.

Horizontal vertical flame tester

Figure: Horizontal vertical flame tester

1. Plug it in and turn it on.
2. Each specimen should have two lines drawn on it in accordance with the specifications.
3. A space of 10+1 mm should be maintained in front of the gauze from where the test piece’s lowest edge meets the specimen’s longitudinal axis, and its transverse axis should be slanted at 45 2 mm.
4. Adjust the gas supply to generate a flow rate of 105 + 5 ml/min.
5. A blue flame set at 20 mm should ignite the burner. Light the free end of the flame at the specimen’s bottom edge.
6. Make a horizontal angle of 45 2 mm between the burner’s center axis and the specimen’s end.
7. The specimen should be placed in the flame for 30+1 seconds with the free end of the burner fixed to the specimen.
8. Upon reaching the 25 mm mark, turn off the flame and start the timing device.
9. As the flame travels from 25 to 100 millimeters, it is automatically recorded by a horizontal vertical flame tester to determine its pace. The method may be repeated on a variety of samples.

Advantages of a Flame Tester
The horizontal vertical flame tester is used in order to ensure the safety and flammability of plastic materials used as parts in devices and appliances.
This is to point out that the test does not depict the true dangers experienced by the specimen in a real-life fire event. Only by classifying samples according to their flammability quality can they be further classified. There must be some level of fire resistance in plastic components used in electrical appliances or computers.
A single spark from one of these materials may destroy the circuit. UL 94 certification is mandatory for plastic components used in certain appliances, since customers expect them to be. Selecting a testing instrument that can be relied upon is thus crucial.

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