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What is the meaning of LED driver power supply and the characheristics

A. The LED driving power supply defintion

LED drive power source, ture the power supply awitch for a a particularvoltageelectric currentto driveLED’slight upvoltageConverter, usually: LEDdrivepower sourceinput, includinga high-pressure-frequencyexchange(i.e.,marketpower), low-voltage direct current, high-voltage direct current, low-pressure,high-frequencyexchange(e.g.,electronictransformeroutput). And theLEDdrivingpower source,the output ofthe majority oftheavailableLEDtopressurereductionvalue of thechange involtageof theconstantelectric currentsources.LEDPowercorecomponents, includingswitches,controls, electricalsensors, switches,components(MOSfet), feedbackresistor, theinputfilter, outputfilter,etc., etc.According todifferent occasionsdemand, but alsotohaveinputovervoltageprotectioncircuit,inputowevoltageprotectioncircuit,LEDopen circuitprotection, over-flowprotectioncircuit.

B. The LED driving power supply characheristics

1. High reliable

Something special, like LED street lamp, a driving power source, in a high altitude, the maintenance is not convenient, maintenance cost, too.

2.High efficiency

LEDs are energy saving products, drive power efficiency is higher. For the power source installed in thelamps,the heat is very important.The power efficiency is HIGH,the depletion rateis small,the lamps within the heat just a little, just to lower lamps temperature rise.The delay LED light failure.

3.High power factor

Power factor is the power grid to the load requirements. General 70 watt so fappliances, there is nomandatoryindicators.Although thesuccessrate is not the largest singleuse ofelectricalpowerfactorslowerthepower grid, the impactis not great,butat night,use oflighting, the sametype ofloadis tooconcentrated,thegrid, produce moreseriouspollution.For the 30-watt~40 wattsof LEDdrivingpower source, andsaid tothe near future,maybethesuccessrate factorsthere are certainindicators requirements.

4.driven approach

Now,there are two types: one is aconstant pressure source is more than constant flow of resources, each with constant flow of resources separately for each road LED power supply.This way, the combination offlexibility, aroadLEDmalfunctionand does not affectotherLED’swork, butthe costis slightly higher. The other isa directconstantflow of electricity that istheHuiBao“with the introduction of the drivenmode, the LED cascade orparallel operation.Its advantages arelow cost, but theflexibility ispoor,but also to addresssomeLEDmalfunctionand does not affect other LED operation alissues.These two forms, in a period of time. Multiple constant flow of output power, costand performance aspects. Maybe after the mainstream direction …


LED Anti-Surgecapacity is relatively poor, especially against reverse voltage capability.To strengthen this aspect of protectionis also important.Some of the LEDs in the outdoors, such as LED road lights.Due to the electricity grid loadstart-dumping and lightning sensors from the network system to the invasion of various surge, some of the Wave will lead to the LED’s of  the damage.Therefore, analysis of“ the Science of wisdom,the driving power on the surge protection should be some deficiencies, and to the power source and the lamps Frequentreplacement, The LED driving power source to inhibit the surge invasion, and protect the LED from being damaged capacity.


The power addition to conventional protection function, preferably in the eternal flow of output, the increase of LED temperature negative feedback, to prevent the LED temperature is too highto conform to safety regulations and electromagnetic compatibility requirements.

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