What are the influence of LED light source ettective photoelectric parameter

According to the actual situation, we could use a variety of solutions for effective testing, we Can through professional high-power LED testing machine can automatically divide class, high efficiency, fast speed.

Luminous Flux step:  LED users are very concerned about  luminous flux value. LED application client must want to know what they are using the LED luminous flux in which range,  so as to ensure their products brightness uniformity and consistency.

Reverse leakage current test: reverse leakage current in the load under a certain voltage is lower than the required value, the production process caused by static electricity, the chip quality factors such as the LED reverse leakage flow is high, this will give great hidden trap LED application products, in use after a period of time is very easy to cause the LED lamp to death.

Forward voltage test: the range of the forward voltage should be within the scope of the circuit design of the license, many clients design drive light-emitting tube light with battery voltage mode, forward voltage size will directly affect the whole circuit parameters, which can bring hidden trouble to the product quality.In addition, for some of the circuit power consumption have requirement of products, wants to ensure that the same luminous efficiency under the lower forward voltage.

Correlated Color Temperature(CCT): color temperature for white LED is representational its color industry in more of a parameter, this parameter can be directly presented LED color slants warm or cold or white.

Chromaticity coordinates x, y step:  for white or monochromatic light can be coloring product parameters which color to express the LED area, generally require 4 x, y, define a chromaticity areas.Must pass a certain test methods to ensure the LED whether fall of 4 x required, y chromaticity area.

Dominant Wavelength step: for monochromatic light LED, dominant wavelength is one of the important indicators to measure its color parameters, dominant wavelength directly reflect the human eye visual perception of the LED light.

Color Rendering Index(CRI) step: color rendering index closed S directly to the light to the object on the degree of color change, this parameter is very important for LED lighting products.

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