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UV-C LED Prospect

With LED technology development, LED applications in market are more and more wide. UV-C LED germicidal disinfection applications market also reaches a new height in 2016, prospects are bright. With more and more LED companies launch new products, UV-C LED technology will also develop faster.

Wavelength of 200~280nm UV part is called UV-C region; this region UV wavelength is short and has high energy. UV-C wavelength light has a great destructive effect on the body’s bacteria, viruses and micro-organisms. Sterilization principle is that UV-C lights irradiate bacteria and viruses etc single cell microbes, which directly destruct its life center DNA and RNA, and make it immediate death or loss of reproductive capacity. Generally, 1~2 seconds UV-C irradiation can achieve the sterilization effective. UV-C disinfection method has the advantages of fast speed, thorough, non-pollution, easy to operate and use and low cost maintenance.

UV-C LEDs are widely used in below applications:
Germicidal Disinfection
Water Purification
Surface Sterilization
Air Purification
Analytical Instrumentation, Emitters
Protein Analysis, DNA Sequencing, Drug Discovery
Optical Sensing
Ozone Monitoring

UV-C LEDs are optimally designed for the growing global market for germicidal disinfection applications. For over 40 years, UV light between 200 and 280 nm has been used for the disinfection of water, as well as air and surfaces. When microorganisms are exposed to wavelengths between 200 nm and 280 nm, the UV-C energy destroys the DNA within the pathogen, rendering it unable to replicate.

Lisun is lead in lighting test instruments. Lisun LMS-7000UV-VIS Portable CCD Spectroradiometer is applied with TOSHIBA TCD1304DG linear array CCD detector, measurement speed is very quick, wavelength range is 200~780nm.

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