With LED development, the traditional fluorescent tubes in the market are gradually being replaced by LED tubes.

Currently LED tubes can be divided into three categories:
Type A tube: This lamp can replace the fluorescent tube directly without modification;
Type B tube: The power supply of this lamp is built-in LED tube, which can connect with city electricity;
Type C tube: Use external power supply to provide power for LED tube.

The Type A tube enters North America market, which needs to meet the standard UL1993 UL Standard for Safety Self-Ballasted Lamps and Lamp Adapters. The update protocol requires that test should adopt constant current power supply method to instead of constant voltage power supply method and cancel the original current limit.

Lisun HCS-109A Adjustable LED High Frequency Reference Ballast is according to the latest requirements of UL1993 standard. It adopts 25KHZ high frequency constant current source power supply. HCS-109A is used to do input test, temperature rise test, leakage current test and harmonic distortion test for LED direct replacement fluorescent tube Type A tube. It is LED lamp and driver abnormal special test equipment. HCS-109ALED High Frequency Constant Current can also work with photoelectric measurement equipment to do a variety of standard test for LED tube.

Below is the specification:
1. Input Power: 80 W max
2. Output Current: HCS-109 A 130mA~400mA Three Sections of the stalls can be continuously adjustable.
3. Output Current Stability: Display Current Value +/- 1% (After Preheat is Stable)
4. Output Current Total Harmonic Distortion: THD < 2.5%
5. Output Frequency: 25kHz< +/-2.0% Adjustable
6. Output Frequency Stability: Display Frequency Value +/- 0.3kHz
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