Hass Harald (Haas Harald), a professor at University of Edinburgh in the UK, is known as “the father of Li-Fi”, which is the core of the Lifi technology, the intensity and the potential of the light emitting diode. He also believes that this technology can change our Internet, video, send and receive messages, etc.. Since the development of social development of data transmission is a wide range of needs, so the application of lifi technology can be extended to the areas of Wifi technology, such as medical technology, engine and other industries. Since lifi is considered to be the most fast Internet access service, this technology is likely to replace the current research institute and the company’s wide application of WiFi, while people can use lifi technology to expand more special areas.

Under the influence of the 4.0 concepts of industry, the traditional industry of LED is bound to change the trend of the intelligent, and its development direction is also the high degree of industrialization and informationization. The 21st century is often referred to as “the century of light”, and plant photosynthesis and is all of life, by virtue of the LED artificial lighting system with high efficiency and low energy consumption, taking into account the advantages of information control, LED intelligent agriculture will promote agriculture and biotechnology industries rapid development.

On the other hand, in the optical communications industry, the concept of Lifi has gradually been concerned, this is not only because it is more efficient than the radio electromagnetic wave, more widely used. When more and more people and devices are connected to the wireless network, the electromagnetic waves in the air will become increasingly blocked, which makes it difficult to obtain a sustained high speed signal. Therefore, the emergence of lifi based on LED technology can overcome many limitations in wireless network, and providing a safe, efficient and high-speed optical communication environment