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To improve the anti-static ability and its principle

1、  Is it effective to add a Zener diode to improve the anti-static ability? What is the principle?

Yes, it is.

LED electrostatic damage is a result that the reverse electrostatic  charge accumulates and compacts instantly, once adding the Zener diode, the electrostatic charge will discharge by the Zener diode at any moment, because the Zener is reverse conducting. But using this method often because the LED anti-static ability is weak, therefore there is a risk that the LED chips have already been hurt by the static electricity before adding the Zener diode. So less and less people use this method now, on one hand it’s the cost factor, one the other hand it’s the factor that LED anti-static indicators are improved obviously in recent years.

2、  Compared LED chip and LED lamp (LED Lamp Test), which one is more vulnerable to suffer from electrostatic damage?

LED lamp (LED Lamp Test) is more vulnerable to suffer from electrostatic damage, this is related to the two pins, the distance of the two electrode of bare crystal of LED chip is very small, it’s often in 100μm, but the distance of LED pins is about 2mm, when electrode charge transfers, the distance becomes large, easily forming large potential difference, which is the high voltage.

Therefore,  it often occurs that LED lamp suffers from electrostatic accident when LED lamp is sealed.

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